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Milan Fashion Week Luxury Fashion Styles

Every woman has a unique sense of a style. After all, style is personal, versatile, permanent, and constantly evolving as well. But for every woman who values her sense of style, there are a few fashion items known as wardrobe necessities that she…

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2018 Club VIVANOVA Luxury Lifestyle Gala Dinner

When: Saturday 10th March 2018 . 7pm Where: Salle d'Or Ballroom . Fairmont Monte Carlo For the benefit of the Foundation Prince Albert II of Monaco, TAF The Animal Fund and the Chances for Children Foundation. Galerie Cristal Champagne Aperitif . Premium…

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Creating A Healthy Routine After The Holidays

Everyone finds it hard to maintain exercise and diet routines during the holidays. Caution is thrown at the wind with confectionaries, dessert, alcohol, and snacks that have the potential to bulge your body in a few weeks. The temptation to…

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