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2018 Monaco Grand Prix Racers

2018 Monaco Grand Prix Racers

The F1 Monaco Grand Prix is a Formula One race held each year on the Circuit de Monaco. It is a popular sports extravaganza that attracts the well-to-do from all corners of the world.  The Grand Prix circuit is a cut above the rest, snaking along and around the streets of Monaco. It takes guts to race, given the numerous elevation changes, sharp corners, and fierce competition. 

You don’t have to be a racer to be part of the excitement. The grandstands get flooded with spectators for every race. Hollywood’s finest are hard to miss at the Monaco Grand Prix. There are many A-list and B-list celebrities that come to enjoy the races. 

Among the famous personalities, include the likes of Justin Bieber, Neymar, and Nicole Scherzinger. Then again, there are journalists and photographers all trying to sample the experience. 

There isn’t much of a barrier between the VIP spaces and the spectator stands. The stars freely mingle with the fans.  You could get a selfie, an autograph or a brief chat with your idol. The Monaco yachts, on the other hand, are for the invited few. Nothing bits the sunshine, wine and laughter as racers shoot on the trucks at heart-stopping speeds.

Monaco’s F1 Grand Prix might be an affair for the deep-pocketed, but there is also space for the devotee who has saved to afford 4 nights. The most exciting spots to watch the race include the Armco barrier and the Portier Corner. These places demand the highest degree of skills from the drivers. Vehicles are pushed to their limits and drivers put their cars to the test.


Among top racers who have wowed audiences at the Monaco Grand Prix include Lewis Hamilton. He is one of the greatest in this sport, with winnings spanning back to 2008. He has won titles year after year his latest being the 2017 world championship title with the Mercedes AMG Petronas team.

Hamilton has been a determined racer since his childhood days with toy cars. After completing training in the Maclaren young drivers support program, Hamilton went on to the big victories in British Formula Renault, the Formula three Euro Series, and the GP2 championships. He originally entered formula one racing in 2007.

Despite his colorful career records, Hamilton comes from a humble background in Stevenage, England.  His father worked multiple jobs to keep him racing before he struck luck with the McLaren program. His 2017 title now makes him the best British F1 driver in history.


Sebastian Vettel is another racer that can never go unmentioned when talking about formula one. He made his debut in 2007 in the USA Grand Prix.  In 2010, Sebastian became the first youngest winner of the World Driver’s Championships.

Sebastian started off his career with Redbull and is currently racing for Ferrari. He is perceived to be the biggest challenger to the Mercedes racers, especially, Lewis Hamilton. Last year, Sebastian ranked in the top of the standings for half the season with four wins.


Sebastian is a self-confident racer. He has seen the best and the worst of times and he now understands the nature of this game. Winning a race in Monaco is a big deal for every driver. One single win is worth multiple wins at another race. In the past, Senna won it six times, Graham Hill five times and Alain Prost four times.

Once the racing is done, the night comes to life with parties. The racing tracks are converted to one pop up nightclubs. The parties go till dawn, but after 5 o’clock the trucks and streets are washed sparkling clean in preparation for the race.

Cool parties are also thrown on the many yachts that fill the Monaco bay. There are open bars with an endless flow of champagne, massive sound systems, and DJ’s with top turntable skills. You will also find big events at the Amber Lounge and the F1 Paddock Club.

The Monaco Grand Prix is the place to be for all who fancy fast cars and parties.


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