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Cannes Film Festival – Art, Stardom, and Opulence

It is 12 days of parties, screenings and meet and greets on the French Riviera. It is the great star migration to Monaco, late May of every year. Cannes locals and tourists have marked this annual event on their calendars.

Movie industry professionals eagerly wait for the opportunity to sell distribution rights for their films. Investors, on the other hand, scavenge for the best projects to put their money in. Party goers attend the festivities, wine, champagne, and surreal late nights with the rich and famous.

Red carpet photo-ops at premieres are breathtaking. A thousand camera lights flash as journalists and showbiz enthusiasts feast their cameras lenses on actors and entertainment moguls.


During the premieres, a few films with potential are shown. 20 films are selected to compete for the Cannes Prize known as the Golden Pal or the Palme d’Or. Beyond the big prize, other films seeking worldwide recognition get showcased. Among these include films done by students and the non-conformist types.

The Cannes Film Festival is a big affair in the movie industry. It has launched careers of big names in the industry today including Steven Soderberg. On the other hand, some films awarded in the Cannes have gone on to win the Oscars and other big awards.

Cannes Film Festival brings the art in the European films to life in those few days. Usually, the juries consist of famous actors, producers, and directors carefully handpicked from all corners of the world.

The Cannes Film Festival is a hectic affair with distributors chasing after deals. Filmmakers spend sleepless nights networking with financiers and publicist from all corners of the globe.

How To Get Film Tickets?

Getting into the Cannes Film Festival is hard for non-industry guests. Tickets are not usually available to the general public. Industry players have to apply and get accepted. They are then given a badge that is a pass to all screenings. Apart from the stakeholders, other badge holders would include the rich, affluent, and important. They play host to the parties and late nights at hotels and on yachts

You can still get in, you just have to dress and act the part. There are a growing number of people who have mastered the art of crashing Cannes parties. It starts with looking sharp in a black tie. Then again you can easily get a badge by joining a film appreciating club. Your role is to critic, and so you will get tickets way before the screenings start.

Notable parties include the De Grisogono which is hosted by the Swiss luxury jewelry maker. There is also the Chopard’s ‘Glittering Prizes’ party that’s an exhibition of luxurious jewelry by top models on the red carpet.

There is usually wine and cocktail and headlining performances by pop sensationalists. In 2017, it was a space-themed party organized by Rihanna and Caroline Scheufele and headlined by Bruno Mars.

There is the famous yacht party- the Paul Allen yacht party. Other luxurious parties include L’Oréal on the CanalPlus beach. Every night of the screening, L’Oréal speakers unveil a film of their choice and then the celebration begins. Other parties are hosted by NetFlix, Nikki Beach, Chateau and amfAR.

There is the calm and fresh sea, there are artistic streets furnished with designer boutiques, cobbled streets, and lively nightlife. Star clubs are as expected, very expensive, and you might feel looked down upon if you are not a Julia Roberts or George Clooney.

In 2017, the A-list buzz was all about George and his wife Amal, even as Julia Roberts dazzled the crowd with a ‘husband-snatching’ smile.  But every set up requires sophisticated dressing. Most of the celebrity parties happen in marquees or on yachts.

The Cannes Film Festival is undoubtedly one of the best celebrations of art in the industry. It is a great opportunity to network and know who is who in the industry. It’s a unique chance to be the first to sample films with great potential. And again, it is a chance to let your hair down, party and mingle with your favorite international stars.

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