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Côte d’Azur – A World Class Tourist Destination

Millionaires and celebrities concur that Cannes is outrageously beautiful. Sitting on the French Riviera, the city has 12 hours of sunshine in the summer. However, the real magic lies in the affluent parties and festivals that are held here. The Cannes Film Festival, for instance, gets worldwide attention. Others include the Yachting Festival and the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, among others.

The Magical Coastline

Côte d’Azur is a prominent point of attraction. The blend of deep ocean blues, the pristine beaches and the luxurious villas behind is breathtaking. The Cannes coast is a sedative to the soul and a feast for the eyes. Vast yachts line up as far as the eye can see. There are many hotels and restaurants along the coastline for seafood lovers. The beachfront restaurants are famous for dessert and chocolate. On top of that, cake shops sell a variety of handcrafted gourmet chocolates and macarons.

Cannes Festivals

Every year since 1946, prominent celebrities in the entertainment industry gather in Cannes for the Film Festival. The budget for Festival de Cannes grosses to about €20 million. The region benefits a great deal from the tourism with income of approximately €80 million from a single event.  

Beyond hanging out in the haunts of the rich and driving posh cars in the Cannes streets, there are plenty of meaningful things to do. Some of the endless parties and wealthy show-offs are actually for charity. One example is the amfAR Cinema against Aids gala that was held during the Cannes Film Festival in 2017.

The event graced by Hollywood stars managed to raise close to $20 million for AIDS research. Notable guests included Madonna (she auctioned her kiss for more than $ 1million for the cause), Robert Patterson, Leonardo DiCaprio and Naomi Campbell among others.

If glamour for charity is what makes your blood rush, make a date this year (from May 17th-28th) with Sienna Miller and Vanessa Redgra. The two will be the hosts of the annual amfAR’s Cinema against AIDS gala that coincides with the Cannes Film Festival. Pharrell Williams, Linda Evangelista and Katy Perry have confirmed attendance.


Apart from A-list celebrities, models adorned in high-end diamonds and couture usually flag the Cannes festivals.  The young, beautiful and affluent find peace on the French Riviera. If you cannot make it to the Amfar gala guest list, try the L’Oréal Blue Obsession party. They are competing for the film industry’s bigwigs and hot models.

While the Amfar gala is for a worthy cause, L’Oréal Cannes party is a celebration of the film and glamour. Notable guests and hosts for L’Oréal Paris include Lewis Hamilton, Lucky Blue Smith, and Chris Brown.

The world’s boat show extravaganza also happens in Cannes. This festival – the Yachting Festival comes in September every year. Just like the film festival, the boat show is an affair for the blue-blooded. Vintage and latest yachts are let out for all to admire and take a joy ride while sipping champagne. The 2018 edition will be held at two ports- Port Pierre Canto and the Vieux Port.


Rue d’Antibes For Shoppers

Another unforgettable experience is Rue d’Antibes. This is an excellent shopping center in Côte d’Azur. This coastal town brings to the modern world charm of the middle ages thanks to its exquisitely ancient architecture. Just a walking distance downtown from Cannes, Rue d’Antibes is home to numerous shops including the Sneakarium, Satellite, and Paul &Shark among others.

The sneakarium on 61, Rue d’Antibes should be the first stop for sneaker lovers.  There are also designers such as MaxMara, Missoni and Agnes B and household luxury jewelers and chocolatiers. Chances are you will max your credit card on the high-end goods, but without remorse.

Roaming around Rue d’Antibes gives the feel of a calm coastal French city. Calm but electric with luxury, beauty and enthusiastic shoppers. You can be sure to spot luxury car dealerships that are scarce in other parts of the word. The streets also feature cocktail bars thronged with designer-clad women and men ready to show off or find some French connection.   

Where to stay in Cannes


So many beachside villas and hotels are located close to the heart of the action. Most tourists prefer quiet villas with an ample view of the sea. Villa The One is one of the excellent accommodations you get in Cannes. Standing on the cliffs of Cannes near the Californie watchtower, The One Villa provides an expansive view of the Mediterranean Sea.

The One Villa is an excellent work of architecture, standing up like a monument facing the waters.  The interior and exterior decors if the property gives it a uniquely luxurious feel. You will feel at peace in the harmony and serenity existing in this property. It is 1,690 square meters of the spectacular landscape.

Well-manicured gardens surround an infinity swimming pool. The gardens are full of sweet smelling herbs and colorful flowers. The air is fresh, and music from the underwater system will gently caress your soul as you soak up the sun. The poolside lounges are super comfortable; During the night nothing is lost on the exterior beauty of The One Villa.  Superb lighting and full cinema screens face the infinity pool.

The interior has everything to suggest affluence. The living room on the ground floor is adorned with spotless white leather coaches, glass coffee tables, and numerous pillows.  From here, you can catch an exclusive vision of the Côte d’Azur and the sea beyond. The ground floor also houses the dining room and the kitchen.

The first floor consists of four en-suite bedrooms. The master suite boasts of a private terrace and vast views of the Mediterranean Sea. There is also a central gallery giving access to all the rooms on the fits floor, and incredible views of the palm trees and gardens outside.   The rooftop terrace is accessible via a small stairway.

The view from the rooftop is fantastic.  For a comfortable observatory experiences, cozy lounges have been sprawled, together with a bar area with ready champagne. Villa the One offers the ultimate Cannes experience.

Cannes is popular and spectacular destination in the Southern of France. All the cation on sports, entertainment, and art happens here. The festivals are endless, drawing distinguished people from all over the world.  This city deserves to be top on your bucket list this year.


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