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Creating A Healthy Routine After The Holidays

Everyone finds it hard to maintain exercise and diet routines during the holidays. Caution is thrown at the wind with confectionaries, dessert, alcohol, and snacks that have the potential to bulge your body in a few weeks.

The temptation to veer off your fitness track is much worse on an exciting destination like Monaco. A new study found out that close to that 30 % of all vacationers gained weight due to poor diet choices, and lack of exercise.

So how to do you get back to a healthy routine after the holidays? This article will explore 8 things that you can do to get back into shape!

1. Write Down Your Goals


This level of organization will help you understand your targets. It is necessary to map out your current state of fitness and where you want to be in a few days. Think again the reasons why you decided to adopt healthy eating habits in the first place, or why you joined the gym.

Was it for health reasons? Aesthetics? Whatever the reason it was, it was big enough to put you on the right track. Use that motivation again.

Lay down a new plan for your diet and exercise routines. Stick this in the form of reminders on the fridge in the kitchen and on your bedside drawers. 70 % of all successful people in the French Riviera are highly disciplined when it comes to health matters; they have exercise and health routines that they follow religiously.

2. Hydrate

Drink lots of water. It helps to detoxify the body and prevent overeating. Here’s the deal; sometimes we confuse thirst for hunger, but when you drink enough water, you are less likely to reach out for food unless you are starving.

Stay away from fizzy drinks like soda or juice. They contain excess sugars that will pull you down further the fitness ladder. The same applies to alcohol. Alcoholic beverages are packed with many calories and will offset your weight loss ambitions. Stick to plain water.

3. Shop For Healthy Foods


Make sure you have enough supplies of fresh foods and groceries when you come from your trip. Arrange your pantry such that healthy foods come first in a visible location. It will make it easier for you, psychologically, to prepare a healthy meal rather than survive on snacks when you are hungry.

Have a basket of fruits in plain sight. You should have whole grain cereals, green leafy vegetables, and legumes in an easy to reach location. Store pre-made smoothie packs for easy blending when it is time to snack or have breakfast.

4. Prepare Your Meals At Home –  Stop Eating Out!


You have indulged in plenty of restaurants over the holiday, exploring different tastes and cuisines. Well, when you arrive home, that has to stop if you want to get back on track with your health and fitness.

Why is that? Preparing your own meals at home gives you control  over your nutrition. It is easier to track your calorie intake and set goals for the direction you wish to take. While eating out, you will never know what ingredients were used in the recipe. Even worse, there is the risk of overeating.

5. Sleep


Even though vacations are meant to be restful, you will find out that you sleep fewer hours than on your regular days. Staying out very late with your friends and waking up early to explore can be a typical vacation routine.

When you come back your body will be begging you to sleep, so you should just head straight to bed. Another benefit to sleep is that your body’s rate of metabolism is higher when you are asleep than when you are awake.

If you have post-holiday insomnia, consider eating pro-biotic foods such as yogurt, or fermented milk and vegetables. They will help to revitalize the healthy bacteria in your gut that produce sleep-inducing hormones. A massage can also work wonders for you after the vacation to help you sleep better.

6. Make Yourself A Smoothie



Green smoothies are essential in revitalizing the body, supplying it with essential nutrients. Smoothies will also help you curb the cravings for fast food, salt, and sweet snacks. After a few days of drinking smoothies, all you will crave will be fruits and vegetables. Drink a green smoothie every day- it lowers calorie intake and fills you up with vitamins and fibers.

Smoothies also pack minerals and antioxidants that will improve your digestion and give you an energy boost. Antioxidants play a vital role in metabolism, and for that reason, they are a must-have for a healthy and fit body.

7. Eat Plenty Of Fiber-Rich Foods


Foods high in fiber include vegetables, whole grains, fruits, and legumes. High- fiber foods play a vital role in digestion to prevent constipation. But that’s not all. Eating plenty of fibers can help with your weight loss and lower the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. They act as blood sugar regulators in the gut- minimizing the absorption of sugars from fine carbs such as white bread.

There are soluble fibers and insoluble fibers. Soluble fibers can dissolve in water. They are found in legumes, oats, and nuts, and they help to lower cholesterol level in the blood. Insoluble fibers cannot dissolve in water.

You can get them in fruits, whole-wheat flour, beans, and vegetables. Thy help to improve bowel health and slow down the absorption of sugars.

8. Exercise – Begin With Light Workouts


After missing your workout routines, you don’t want to start on a high note. Your body will be sore for days to come and discourage you even more from exercising. After a holiday you will learn that weights that you could lift without breaking a sweat are now too heavy to lift. Before you gain back your momentum, start with less intense workouts and build up steadily every day.

The best after-holiday workout plan starts with aerobic exercises. Swim, run or jog to steady your heart rate and breathing. Successful people begin their day with an early morning run, not only does it make you fit, it also makes your mind alert and efficient during the day. After that, you can get into core training exercise like push-ups, inverted rows, squats and dumbbell bench press.

So you have had some sinful indulgence during your holiday?

Get past it. Everyone does it. You just need to get back on the right track as soon as you get home.

Don’t wait for long; it will become harder for you to regain your fitness.

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