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Top 17 Luxury Events Around The World In 2018

Carnival de Venice

Date: January 27th – February 13th 2018

Venue: Venice Italy.

Visiting Venice at such a time means enjoying a long-standing carnival, with age-old traditions, and a chance to admire the skills of Venetian artisans. The Carnival of Venice was started back in the year 1162, after the Republic of Venice, won against Patriarch of Aquileia.

People commemorated this as to preserve the image of Venice as it grew in stature up to the 18th century. Once burned under the Roman Empire and other regimes, it was helped back in 1979 by the Italian government.

It has been redeveloped to become a magnanimous historical and cultural tourist destination attracting up to three million people per year. A stand out event is the contest for la Maschera più Bella (“the most beautiful mask”) with a panel of renowned costume and fashion designers picking out the best mask. There are also grand balls set for different dates throughout the carnival. You cannot afford to miss this event.

Rio Carnival

Date:February 9th – 14th

Venue: Rio de Janeiro

Let’s go down south to Brazil. Imagine two million people flooding the streets and dancing to loud samba music and just going crazy. Rio de Janeiro is the place to be next February for the Rio Carnival. Considered the world’s biggest festival, see beautiful costumes, official balls, and parties held at the Copacabana Palace.

Milan Fashion Week

Date: February 21st -27th

Milan fashion week is another one of the big four fashion events. It is also held semi-annually in summer and winter, partially organized by Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana (The National Chamber for Italian Fashion.

The first will be in February 2018 and the summer event in September later in the year. Come and see the fantastic wears from names like Dolce and Gabbana, Marcos de Vincenzo, Jil Sander and other premier fashion brands. 

Paris Fashion Week 

Date: February 27th to March 6th

There are four prominent fashion events in the world. Let’s start with Paris. It’s a semi-annual event with the first to come in late February, 2018. The men’s event starts earlier in January from the 17th-21st.

For the best street styles and runway looks you cannot afford to miss the french men and women show us how to dress. Plus see the big names in fashion and design. You also get to tour the city of love.

Tennis Rolex Masters

Dates: April 14th – 22nd

Well, it’s not just a week-long of Tennis, but Monte-Carlo is the place to be in April next year. Tickets are already on sale, by that I mean like by the time we hit the new year they will be almost gone.

The event organizers have lined up great hospitality suites, privilege offers, hotels and restaurant plans. You get to see Nadal and Federer and all the stars live. More so, there will be a gala night and children’s day, so be sure to bring your family along.

Oscar Awards

Date: March 4th

The ultimate film awards festival will be in March at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, Los Angeles. There are 34 contenders so far. The event will be broadcast live on ABC, but why watch when you can be there?

Festival De Film In Cannes

Date: May 8 – 19th

In English it is called, Cannes Film Festival, is an annual film festival held in Cannes, France featuring new films from all genres. The festival celebrated its 70th birthday in 2017 and is bound to get bigger and better in 2018.

Almost always held in May of each year, it will start on Tuesday May, 8th, one day earlier, but will take the same amount of time as the others, ending on Saturday 19th May. Visit the French city of Cannes, known for the impressive hotels, beaches, and visitors. See your favorite movie stars and film producers all together in this unique film gathering.

The Monaco Grand Prix

Date: May 24 – 27, 2018

Venue: Circuit de Monaco

For the lovers and lovers-to-be of formula one races, you must attend the Monaco Grand Prix. It is the premier circuit to attend. Known for noise, speed, passion, glamour, engine noise and an adrenaline-rush, as the cars are not too far from the stands.

The track is known to be the toughest on the racing calendar. Celebrities are a common face at the event destination; Brad Pitt, Roberto Carlos, and Roman Abramovich the Chelsea owner have graced the race before.

Besides the races there are many things to do in Monaco, take a stroll to the harbor and see the home of the historical royal family, Grimaldi’s residence. With five star hotels and much more Monaco is the place to be, you may even get the chance to meet the race stars. 

Tour de France

Date: July 7- 29

The tour route has been revealed for the 21 stage race which will take you through cobbles, dirt roads, two time trials and three big mountain finishes. Be part of the historical race which the organizers are hoping to shake up with new routes and hopefully make it harder for Chris Froome and team sky to win again. Be there.

Notting Hill carnival

Dates: August 25 – 28th

It takes place every year in London on the streets of Notting Hill, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. England is most definitely cultural, but something about this is that its origin does not come from England culture, it’s celebrated by the Afro-Caribbean community. A colorful event with costumes, traditional food and rum punch, it is a party on the streets.

Oktoberfest Germany 2018

Date: Sep 22 – Oct 7

The world’s biggest and most famous beer festival is Oktoberfest, held for a few weeks each year in the German city of Munich. You have to be among the thousands attracted by the Bavarians. There will be uncountable amounts of beer tents. With electrifying live music, fancy costumes, parades, and German cuisine, this will be the world’s biggest fest, get your ticket.

London Fashion Week

Date: February 16th – 20th

The third of the big four global fashion events, and mind you, it is in London. If the smooth Italian will not entice you, or the romantic French then you must be captured by the gorgeous Queen’s English. It is brought to you by the British Fashion Council.

With the competition from the other Fashion weeks, London Fashion week is upping its game with more designer showrooms and more elegance on the catwalk after becoming the first show to broadcast its catwalks online back in 2010. There must be something bigger coming.

New York Fashion Week

Date: February 8th – 16th

Among the big four, New York fashion week is coming thick and fast. After being described as a sinking ship, it seems New York is rising again. Will it be able to beat off the competition from the others? There is only one way to find out, be there. With the return of big names like Marchesa, New York is the place to be.

Grammy Awards

Date: January 28th

It will be the 60th edition, and to all the fans the event returns to New York for the first time since 2003 at the Pennsylvania Plaza in the famous Manhattan area. It has always been in Los Angeles so why not follow it through to New York.

Comic-Con International 

Date: July 19th – 22nd

Well this is a funny one. If you like to catch animated films and cartoons you must consider this. Imagine an event where you wilL enjoy being a child and laugh your way through it. This is a four-day festival focused on the fantasy world.

Meet and greet the faces behind those funny voices like Gal Gadot (Wonderwoman), Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) among others. San Diego, California is the place to be.

Singapore Grand Prix

Date: September 16th  

Away from America, let’s roll to the queens’ land, the annual pop music awards will be in February. The previous ceremony saw performances from Katy Perry, Little Mix, The Chainsmokers and Coldplay, not forgetting Ed Sheeran and Stormzy. It had more views than before you want to be there when the view they go higher.

Monaco Yacht Show

Date: September 27th

With every new season a bigger size megayacht enters  the Monaco harbour and at the famous yacht show there is a chance for royalties to proudly show their success and achievements.

The rich and famous make up a huge industry of luxury and they expect 7 stars quality service. In Monaco, at the biggest yacht show of the year, there are a variety of yachts from 30m to 150m. 

This event is the one time of the year where over 2 billion dollars worth of yachts will be on show for potential buyers. A mooring of a yacht alone can cost 50,000 pounds. 

This event also attracts British and International businesses that come to display their products and services. The night lifestyle and exclusive yacht parties begin as soon as the sun sets over the Monaco and business continues. It is a great opportunity for networking with wealthy guests and talk business. 

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