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Milan Fashion Week Luxury Fashion Styles

Every woman has a unique sense of a style. After all, style is personal, versatile, permanent, and constantly evolving as well. But for every woman who values her sense of style, there are a few fashion items known as wardrobe necessities that she must take into consideration.

These luxury brands are the fashion pieces that bring together ensembles and add a sprinkle of class onto every outfit you wear. Class was the order of the day at the Milan fashion week. As you will see, these luxury brands belong in every woman’s wardrobe, including yours as well.



This year, sheer is the new black. More designers ventured into the nonconventional see-through territory where chiffon dresses and stylish undergarments took center stage.

Fendi showcased this beautiful diaphanous dress with coordinated stripes that was paired with striped underwear in a bold display of elegance.

The message was clear this year: if you’ve got it, flaunt it. This sheer dress and striped underwear combination can be worn as elegant beachwear to let you show off your curves while maintaining an air of classy decency as well.



Versace evidently found their sweet spot with their spring 2018 footwear collection. Among their simplest yet most delectable designs was this deluxe pair of open heels. Formal black heels are something every outfit looks amazing with, and this pair will be no exception.

Versace throws in a stunning gemstone pattern casually down the center, following their usual flashy but elegant template, giving these pair of high lifestyle shoes some more distinction.

You don’t need to ask yourself whether you’ll love these shoes. You need to ask yourself whether you’ll find reasons not to wear them.



Boots are a girl’s best friend during the cold season, and because summer is still months away, over-the-knee boots are an absolute necessity.

Versace’s iteration of this classically endeared cold season necessity is a glorious fusion of black and gold with a stunning diamond trim.

These high lifestyle boots are as glamorous as they are essential this spring. Cold season wear never looked this good.

Max Mara


Pencil skirts have shown us that long can be sexy too when it comes to skirt. Elegance and beauty have today become a workday staple as more luxury brands focus on giving the working woman more variety.

NO.21’s shin-length design comes in classic black and white, but it incorporates elegance with a smattering of gentle designs and two white bands at the waist. Subtle yet magnificent designs rarely live up to expectations, but this is an exception.


Max Mara

Max Mara almost redefines semiformal style with this lustrous pencil skirt. The curve-hugging design allows you to embrace your femininity in elegant style. Casual or formal, this is a wardrobe essential that will let you flaunt your fashionista side with flair.

Far from being too formal, this pencil skirt oozes sensual style can be paired with anything in your everyday formal wardrobe. Look nowhere else if what you want is a decent work outfit that will let you show off your adventurous side.



High boots will never be out of fashion, especially if they look half as fun as this pair from MSGM. As fun as they’re practical, these boots are an adventurous addition to any woman’s wardrobe.

Whether you’re in jeans or your favorite spring casual outfit, these boots make everything look just a bit more fun.

With its chic patterns laid atop a white backdrop, these boots stand out quite easily. Raised heels give you a more attractive profile and allow you to truly strut your sense of fashion.



Classy high heels like this Missoni pair are a wardrobe essential. After all, what else are you going to wear with your dinner dresses for those fancy nights out?

These clearly outlandish pair swap out straps for chains as they adapt to modern trends. Everything else is fashionable but minimalist, making this pair capable of being worn with almost everything in your wardrobe whether it’s formal or casual.

Although subtle, Missoni have thrown in some color with blue and orange chain straps to complement the golden heels.


Alberta Ferretti

Pencil skirts aren’t just the new formalwear. With a little bit of the creativity, they can become the stunning centerpieces you need to supplement your wardrobe. The gorgeous print design gives this equally gorgeous skirt some character while it’s beautiful taper conforms to curves to showcase your elegant outline.

Shin-length skirts are classy by default, and Alberta Ferretti have ensured that this is no exception. You will have an easy time finding some suitable matches to pair it with, regardless of the occasion.



The right pair of ankle boots can be perfect for work, play, or travel. What’s better is that they always look good if you pair them correctly or wear them to the right occasion.

This Versace pair confirms that class is a permanent affair when you’re dealing with one of the world’s best luxury brands. Black leather combines stylishly with gold buckles that are accented by the occasional diamond.

This sexy pair will give any of your heels a run for their money. Versace have made sure that they look discernibly better made than any other ankle boot heels you’ve ever owned.



Fendi’s loose-fitting pencil skirt is as glamorous as it is every bit a high lifestyle garment. If you’re thinking of doing some luxury shopping for casual outfits, this should be in your list.

Aside from its stylish loose fit, this skirt has an eye-catching golden pattern on black that is elegant enough for formal events but toned down enough for any casual functions.

This decidedly elegant pencil dress gives you a lot more dressing options by allowing you to do more with your formal and semi-formal outfits.

Every woman has different tastes, and every fashionista is enamored by different pieces. Luxury brands continuously come up with fascinating new designs, and if you’re passionate about what you wear, it is your imperative to follow these new designs to keep your style fresh.

Remember that simple can be very stylish, especially if you know what to wear when to wear it, and most importantly, how to wear it.

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