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Top 10 Charity Organizations In Monaco

Monaco is a tiny state on the French Riviera associated with affluence and glamour. Wealthy entrepreneurs and tourists are drawn to its natural beauty and low tax policies. Despite its flourishing economy, Monaco, just like any other country has problems of its own.

That’s evident in the refugees that stream in from North Africa and Syria, low child mortality rates, climate change, gender inequalities and animal rights among other concerns. For that reason, many philanthropic organizations exist to fight for these causes in Monaco and throughout the world. Below are a list of 10 of them.

1. Monaco Red Cross

Since its inception in 1948, MRC has been engaging in activities both locally and internationally. It is presided over by Prince Albert and a 15-member board of directors. This charity tackles poverty among some communities in Monaco and responds to emergency situations.

Monaco Red Cross also counsels and guides those who need emotional and financial support on a daily basis. MRC rescuers are usually the first responders in emergency situations, giving first aid to those in need. Some examples in which they are present include, fires, floods, attacks in the state and abroad. The organization also undertakes in training the citizenry on disaster prevention and response.

2. AMADE-Monaco

AMADE is a child welfare association that champions the health, moral and spiritual well-being of children in Monaco and the world. It was set up in 1996 by HSH Princess Grace. AMADE transcends race, politics, nationality, and religion in fighting for children’s rights.

AMADE provides other children’s NGOs in Monaco with financial and material support. Moreover, AMADE-Monaco participates in events meant to educate adults on the problems of childhood. In 2011 they launched an operation called SMILEYS at several pediatric centers in Monaco. The action aims to care for and support hospitalized children and those waiting in the emergency rooms.

3. AMA

This charity NGO was founded in 2006. AMA works with other foundations to conserve culture and educate the public on health matters. They are active in schools all over the Principality where they inform teenagers of the realities and challenges of the world.

They are passionate about creating awareness of health risks, prevention, and cure. Also, AMA organizes and participates in cultural events in Monaco. Volunteers pay regular visits to elderly homes and hospitals, to comfort and care for patients.

4. Prince Albert 2 of Monaco Foundation

Founded in 2006 by Prince Albert 2, this organization has donated millions towards various environmental issues. Past projects include raising awareness to save the Bluefin Tuna. This initiative was co-sponsored by the WWF to conserve the endangered fish species.

Since 2008, restaurant owners have stopped serving Bluefin tuna and awareness has been raised on the ecological importance of this fish in the Mediterranean.

The foundation takes part in international meetings that involve other charities in the countries of the Mediterranean region. These conventions aim to reach a consensus on sustainable development in the area.

Prince Albert 2 of Monaco Foundation also fights against deforestation of tropical rainforests. This is a campaign that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20% and improve soil productiveness and biodiversity.

They are having their next fundraising event at the 2018 Prince Albert Foundation Luxury Lifestyle Gourmet Gala on Saturday March 10th at the Fairmont Monte Carlo.

Book in advance for this sensational charity event raising funds for the Chances For Children Foundation, TAF The Animal Fund and the Prince Albert Foundation. This event will be showcasing a New York designer fashion show, live entertainment, Champagne aperitif and five course gourmet wine dinner featuring Château Pomeaux and Mozaik Sarapcilik / Mozaik Winery.

Tickets available at

5. Wings for Earth

This is a reputable charity organization founded in Monaco. It seeks to protect the environment and works towards sustainable development. Its activities are geared towards combating the challenge of global warming and climate change, biodiversity and water resource management.

Aside from conservatism, WFE also focuses on education and health. They target their activities among local communities and villages. Unlike the other prominent NGOs, WFE focuses its attention at the grassroots level to eradicate the conflict between man and nature. They are vocal in convincing the citizenry in Monaco to adopt practices that ensure sustainability and ecological balance.

6. UNHCR Monaco

This UN body works with the government to help everyone seeking asylum in Monaco to find a safe place to resettle. During disasters and displacement, the organization responds to emergencies including providing food, shelter, and healthcare.

They also offer transport and resettlement packages to refugees willing to return home. Its activities are not limited to the principality. Through the UNHCR, the principality participates in refugee charity endeavors all over the world, including Syria and North Africa.

7. Stelios Philanthropic foundation

It was established by Stelios Haji-Ioannou, an airlines entrepreneur in the UK. Its mission is to support charity in all the countries where the founder has ever lived or worked. This organization is active in Monaco, UK, Greece, and Cyprus.

The foundation engages in funding education by providing scholarships to young people, supporting budding entrepreneurs, and donating money to conservationist charity organizations. They are a significant contributor to the WWF and the Prince Albert Foundation.

8. Association for Child Care- Monaco

It was founded in 2012 by Martine Ackermann with a goal to provide education to disadvantaged children. Their activities transcend borders, ethnicity, and race. That dedication to helping all children is evident in their projects.

The latest one is a girls’ school in Udaipur, India. In the institution, underprivileged children can get not only education but also food and healthcare.

The organization believes that children’s education is a right, no matter who or where they are. The charity has also provided financial and material assistance to Taabar, and NGO in Jaipur that’s concerned with children’s welfare.

9. Cawdell Children Charity Monaco

This charity in Monaco is a subsidiary of the Cawdell Children in the UK. It was founded by one of Britain’s top business moguls, John Caudwell. He’s the executive representative of the company, and to this day, still its biggest funder.

Cawdell Children is passionate about transforming the lives of disabled children across Monaco. They envision a world where the needs of all sick and deprived children are met all over the world. Cawdell Children charity organizes fundraising events and activities in Monaco towards this vision.

The proceeds go towards cardiac surgeries for children with heart conditions, mobility and sensory equipment for disabled children and family holidays for children with life-threatening conditions.

10. Association Oasis Monaco

This charity is made up of a management committee, volunteers, sponsors and partners who organize advocacy and fundraising events. They are involved in advocating for sustainable development and environmental conservation.

This association works with like-minded charities to educate the public on climate change, global warming and conservation measures.

If you choose to take your eyes from the splendor and glamour in Monacco, there are many charities in Monaco that you can join to champion worthy causes.

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