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Monaco Grand Prix – Summer 2018

Racers cannot afford to miss the Monaco Grand Prix. Neither can vacationers nor party hunters. The Monaco Grand Prix is a fast car extravaganza that happens annually.  People from all corners of the world converge here for the adrenaline rush, the champagne, and the mingling with the stars. Next week is not going to be any different.

Formula one enthusiasts understand that it takes more than talent to clinch the Monaco Grand Prix title.  Just a single win here is worth the lifetime of a racing career. Senna, Graham Hill, and Alain Prost are some of the winners in the past editions of the Monaco Grand Prix. The Grand Prix Circuit snakes dangerously with bends that even pundits have red-flagged as unsafe. Names have been glorified on the circuit, but some lives have also been sent to eternal glory.


Cruising at 240mph while your hand is thoroughly engaged, negotiating tight corners. The road to success gets narrower in a tunnel and elevation points that form part of the circuit. It takes guts for drivers to put up a compelling show for the fans reeling with excitement.  It is motor-violence; it is skidding, rolling and winning. It is noisy, superb and lovely.

Therefore, as the engines rumble on full-fire gear and drivers drape in helmets, all eyes will be on Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.  Hamilton has the title lead, and all will be watching for the cards Vettel might pull to clear the 17 points difference from last year.

Just a bit of background on these F1 machos. Hamilton’s story is from a miserable experience to the sport’s throne. His passion for fast cars goes back to his toy days. His father probably had more jobs than Jamaican did. That is how Hamilton could keep racing and training.


Lady luck smiled at him, and he went to McLaren’s in his teens courtesy of the Maclaren young drivers support program. He has been bagging victories ever since, right from the British Formula Renault, Formula 3 Euro Series, and GP2 championships. He joined the F1 Mercedes league in 2007 and had since been making Britons the happiest spectators of the event.

However, it is essential to underscore the fact that Sebastian is not a walkover. Especially jot this time when there are speculations that Mercedes are not confident in their car. Mercedes team Boss Toto Wolf says Ferraris Monaco tracks are made for Ferraris and Red Bulls.

Sebastian, a Ferrari racer started off in 20017. In 2010, he made his mark in the formula one world when he became the youngest ever winner of the World Driver’s Championships.

Before cruising with the Ferraris, Sebastian was flying with Redbull. For Hamilton, Sebastian is the obstacle that will not move. Last year Sebastian topped the standings for half the season with four wins. He possesses unwavering confidence. Nevertheless, it is a wait and sees what the season holds for him.

Beyond the intense sporting action, the principality itself is a remarkable sight. The events are colorful with celebrities and ballers. There is no modesty about opulence at the Monaco Grand Prix.  This is evidenced in the many luxury yachts that dock at the harbor full glitzy spectators ready to splash the cash.

Fans also live for the Yacht parties in Monaco.  Hollywood’s celebrities come out in large numbers. The Monaco Grand Prix is considered one of the biggest social highlights in Europe every year.  The harbor is where the Champagne continually flows with vacationers soaking up the sun as they get a bird’s eye view of the race.

Memorable occasions are the ‘meet-and-greets’ with Formula 1 stars. These are exclusive. The yachts also feature gourmet dishes, plasma TV screens, and pretty hostesses.  The night parties are next level. Good sounds, top deejays, and open bars. Some parties even go down on the racetrack. However, from five in the morning, the streets are washed clean for racing to resume.

Far be it from you the thought that you might feel left out. No matter where you are in Monaco, the spirit of the Grand Prix is the same. Fancy meeting your favorite actor and taking a selfie with them on the streets? That is possible.

The Monaco Grand Prix is a sporting and lifestyle event that you should certainly include in your life’s bucket list.

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