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Monaco’s 10 Most Luxurious Venues To Spend New Year’s Eve 2018

If you’re looking to bask in the elegance of a luxurious and relaxing holiday destination for New Year’s Eve, Monaco can be a great option. With its blue skies, sprawling bay and spectacular skyline, this is a dream destination for anyone who is looking to celebrate the festive season in all its luxury.

Take a walk along the city streets, participate in Monaco events, dine at the finest restaurants, play a rewarding game at a casino, enjoy a drink at the best bars or simply gaze at the stunning Monaco Fireworks to enjoy the holiday season like never before.

In case you’re planning to visit Monaco for the first time and don’t really know how to start out; here’s a list of the leading luxury venues in the city.

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1. Enjoy a luxurious stay at Hotel Hermitage

If you’re looking to enjoy a luxurious stay amidst the heart of the city- The Hotel Hermitage Monte Carlo can be a great option. This palace, set near the prominent locations of the city is a true symbol of pomp and splendor.

It is layered with beautiful nuances and is truly an irresistible charm. The hotel comes with more than two hundred rooms, around twenty suites and fourteen diamond suites.

While the ambiance will set a perfect mood for relaxation, the indoor pool and water sports sessions- will keep you completely hooked to this place. This hotel is ideal for families, young couples or even solo travelers.

2. Try a spa session at Thermes Marins

The Thermes Marins Spa is a great destination for everyone who is looking to relax all during the holiday season. This spa comes with attractive packages for detox, anti aging, slimming and deep relaxation. The spa along with its team of highly competent professionals will definitely get you, everything you need.

3. Bask in the refinement of the Bay Hotel

If you’re looking to get the flavor of unadulterated refinement- the Bay Hotel at Monte Carlo can be a great pick. Nestled on a beautiful peninsula, right at the edge of the popular Larvotto Natural Reserve- this hotel is perhaps one of the best Monaco Accommodations.

This hotel will give you a once-in-a-million opportunity to delve into the intricacies of this spectacular city. The somber ambience, soothing décor and spacious rooms will definitely make you feel glamorous.

4. Take a luxurious ride to the Cinq Mondes Spa

Cinq Mondes Spa, one of the leading spas of the city, is a perfect spot for anyone who’s looking to enjoy sheer luxury. The spa comes with body care, face treatment and massage ritual sessions that’ll truly amaze you with its unique elements.

The masseurs are high-end professionals who will specifically ensure that you get to spend some relaxed and enjoyable moments. They meet your individual requirements, cater to all your demands and will also make sure that you enjoy your time.

5. Enjoy a hearty meal Vistamar Terrace restaurant

If you’re looking to taste the exotic cuisine of Monaco- the Vistamar Terrace Restaurant is one of the best options. This restaurant comes with a starry cuisine backed by whole concepts. To put it more simply, the eatery comes up with an exquisite range of gourmet delicacies spread in its best flavors and unique colors.

The food is not only authentic but also light, healthy and incredibly delectable. This is one of the best Monaco restaurants that would let you watch the beautiful Monaco New Year’s Eve Fireworks, from the comfort of its roof. The ambiance is not just chic but is also truly intimate.

6. Witness the amalgamation of the East and West with Buddha Bar

Buddha Bar is probably one of the best places in Monaco, if you’re looking to drink, enjoy a nice time with loved ones and participate in the coolest events held during the New Year. This eatery evokes a perfect amalgamation of the East meets West Vibe.

Not only does it come with some of the most sumptuous delicacies in the city, but the ambiance too is soothing, elegant and truly luxurious. Visit this place if you’re looking to enjoy the best events or are simply willing to spend a relaxed time in absolute serenity.

7. Enjoy music performances at Salle Des Etoiles

This is another leading spot in the city that hosts the best events throughout the year. Things tend to be extra special during New Years because this is the time when you get to witness the performance of the most remarkable performers in town.

Whether you’re in the mood for some blues, electro, rock or jazz- this is one place that’ll cater to all your musical tastes. One of the unique aspects of this location is the fact that it not only hosts public events, but can also be hired as a gala venue for private events.

In addition to this, Salle Des Etoiles also comes with an amazing catering service that will compliment any event.

8. Play a game at Casino de Monte Carlo

If you’re in the mood for some classic casino gaming this New Year’s Eve, the Casino De Monte Carlo can be an ideal location. This casino features the most luxurious game rooms along with sprawling private and VIP lounges.

You can play roulette, black jack and other popular casino games in the heart of the city at this premium destination. The décor, the food and the ambiance will totally set your mood for some fun.

9. Tantalize your taste buds at Blue Bay

If you’re in the mood for some gastronomic adventures, the Blue Bay can be one of the best destinations. This eatery is set at a panoramic terrace and it offers the most exquisite cuisine in town. This is a Michelin star restaurant which will give you complete discretion in terms of food and seating. Try your favorite meal and enjoy luxury like never before at this leading Monaco restaurant.

10. Night out at Jimmy Z

Jimmy Z is a great destination for people who are looking to have some fun and enjoy the most adventurous events. Visit this spot for a night out and you’ll be truly amazed with its music, food and drinks.

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