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Tennis Rolex Master Monaco 2018

Despite its small size, Monaco is known for lavish affairs that attract the rich and famous in entertainment and sports. Because of its beautiful town and favorable tax laws, many of these stars have homes in Monaco. Among them are famous tennis players. So when the Rolex Masters season comes around, its a guarantee that you will catch them live in action.

The Tennis Rolex Masters in Monaco is about comfort and luxury, just like the products of the sponsoring brand- Rolex. It is held annually at the Monte Carlo Country Club in either April or May. Its origin dates back to 1896 where it used to be a part of the Grand Prix Circuit. Today, this tournament is part of the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) Masters Series.

Notable Winners

In the past, famous players have asserted their positions in the tennis hall of fame through this championship. Some of them include Gustavo Kuerten, Thomas Muster, Antony Wilding and Gorden Lowe among others.

The Exuberance In The Courts

The tournaments are wonderful. It’s not just in the game, it is in the layout of the tennis courts. The side views combine ample views of the court plus some impressive sceneries. This tournament is what every tennis tourism season should be. It’s a big bonus that it comes in springtime. The location is fantastic with stunning views of Monaco and the surrounding areas of the French Riviera. 

The beautiful court with a backdrop of the Mediterranean fills up with players and fans from far and wide. The site resembles a yacht club more than it does a sporting field.  For every tennis player, this tournament is important because it predicts the French finals.

The courts are compact, and no matter where you get to sit, you can be sure to catch all the action. However, if you need to interact with the players the best place to catch them is in the practice courts before the game. It is an unmatched experience as fans mingle with the players in the serene courts, not far from the sea.

You can bring in food and drinks into the courts, but there are food courts that offer stylish cuisines in the venue.

Quality of Service

In 2016 the Monaco Tennis Rolex Master won the, “best fan experience award” of the ATP in the European region. This was a recognition of the efforts they make in offering fan and players an exceptional experience during the tournament week. The comfort of the stadium has been greatly improved when it comes to hospitality in the courts, services, and amenities.

Nearby Hotels 

Nice Hotels to stay around the time of the tournament include the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort. This is a tranquil environment of gardens and waterfalls. Nearly all the rooms in this hotel will give you an ample view of the sea.

Beyond that, luxurious amenities abound including bars, restaurants, concert halls and the famous Le Jimmy’s nightclub where you can go to let loose. Other hotels worth considering are the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, Hotel Metropole, Monte Carlo  and Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo.

Beyond the event, be sure to explore the glamorous allure of this city and surrounding towns in the French Riviera. There’s the hilltop town of Eze, there is Fragonard and the Prince’s Palace. 


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